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KN Yeti is a Cracow-based sports club with already 30 years of history. Its activity is based on the organization of trainings, trips and other forms of active leisure for children, adolescents and adults in Poland and Europe. The main profile is alpine skiing, but over the years, sports such as windsurfing, sailing, cycling and roller-skating have joined the offer. The brand of the Yeti Club is crafted by people: founders, instructors and club members. Everyone with a passion for sport and the mountains.


The challenge was to build a new visual communication that would bring a fresh air breath while referring to the tradition and values of the club founded in 1991.

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Over recent years, the organization has developed at a very dynamic pace, expanding its members' group and gaining wide recognition. The generational change in the club's structures has also taken part. The former identification so far has been based on a characteristic logotype, which has been modified several times in the meantime. Despite its high recognition, the sign required refreshing, and the identity – a modern and more complete form that would allow the brand to fully used its potential.

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Due to the high attachment to the former sign, the rebranding process has been divided into stages. The first step was to redesign the clubwear – so far the most visible brand' points of contact. The proposed new graphic design in a minimalist edition, with the use of contrasting colors, was aimed at refreshing the image and testing the recipients' willingness for making further changes. In addition, the logotype has undergone slight optical corrections (editing serifs, resignation from tilting).

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The positive reception of the proposed approach confirmed the need to introduce further changes. As a result, the sign was designed in a refreshed form. The new logo, based on serif typography with a characteristic, clear contrast, refers to the long-standing tradition of the organization. A novelty was the introduction of graphic elements hidden to the letters (motif of a mountain, sail, number 1), which allowed for further expansion of the identification with new characteristic elements.

Process diagram Process diagram Process diagram Process diagram Process diagram Process diagram


The rebranding process also included the design and implementation of a new website, which, in addition to a refreshed look, also gained additional functionalities (club members' accounts, online events registration). Minimalism in form is set here side by side with attractive photos of Alpine landscapes. The principle of contrast was also an important factor in the selection of typography which adds a dynamic effect to a characteristic image of a sports club.

web design: Zofia Rusinowska

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